Equine Sessions

In accordance with current legislation protecting animal welfare and professional practice (Veterinary Surgeon's Act,1966), veterinary physiotherapists work strictly under veterinary referral. This means consent from your animal's veterinary surgeon is required before any physiotherapy treatment can be provided. I can arrange this for you after an initial phone consultation or, if you prefer, you can download the Veterinary Referral and Consent Form and bring it completed to your first appointment. Please be aware that animals will not receive any physiotherapy treatment without veterinary consent. 

Please also note that all payments must be paid at the end of every treatment unless arranged otherwise. Cash and card payments are accepted.

Initial Treatment

The initial physiotherapy session for your horse will begin with a thorough history taking and full musculoskeletal assessment. This includes; conformation and gait analysis, joint range of motion assessment, whole body soft tissue palpation, and basic neurological testing. Following this, a holistic and individualised treatment programme will be put together and initial treatment will be provided. You may also be left with some beneficial exercises to perform with your horse between sessions.

You will be provided with a full report of assessment findings, treatment delivered, and an outlined treatment plan going forward.


Time: 1.5 hours

Price: £55 


Follow-up Treatments

Every follow-up treatment session will begin with a reassessment of your horse to assess their progress. This will take less time than the initial assessment so that the majority of the session can be focused on treatment. Treatment will vary depending on the needs of the individual horse but it will consist of a combination of the following; manual therapies, electrotherapies, remedial exercise, and management advice.

You will be provided with a full report outlining assessment findings, treatment delivered, and the treatment plan going forward.

Time: 1 hour

Price: £50